Life Is A Tree

Childhood, it's the practice round of life. It's the time in a person's life when we have the freedom to explore and experiment, to discover just what makes us who we are as individuals in this world. With this new found knowledge of us, it becomes our seed. We plant that seed, and with the love and support of our family and others, we're nurtured and provided with the strength and security we'll need to begin growing into the persons we are meant to be in our future lives.

I wasn't nurtured. There was no protection. No one made sure I was getting the love or support I needed to be able to grow fully mature. I wasn't protected from the weeds that wish to strangle the life out of me. The leaves I've managed to grow on my own. Someone comes along and pluck them off. Saying your leaves didn't grow in the spots I wanted them to grow. Your leaves are the wrong colors. your leaves are too small. If you continue to grow leaves like these, i'm going to be forced to chop you down. Now many years have pass and I'm a tree with few leaves and no fruit to offer. Those who pluck my leaves ask, (why?) Demand that I provide them with fruit. When I'm not able, they think they've earned the right to pluck the remainder of my leaves.

To my Mother: You kept me afraid, so that you'd have complete control over my life. You didn't give me the support and freedom I needed to pursue my life. Now, I don't know who i am. This makes me hate myself, and resent you. I've simply forgotten who I am. What I need, is someone to help me remember myself, someone to invest in my life, to help me discover the sides of myself those that are not yet known to me. Life is an illusion, without the love of your family and or others.

Art of 2007 Dwight Graham a.k.a. Littleboymakebelieve
Littleboymakebelieve Littleboymakebelieve
26-30, M
Sep 19, 2012