How Much Are My Tears Worth?

I had a conversation with my dad one day about depression. I have been depressed since I was 12 years old. When I said I was depressed he just said I was exaggerating. "you haven't been abused so why are u depressed?" He is right, I haven't been physically or sexually abused, but I have emotionally. I told him that but he refused to belief that he could have done anything wrong. Then he told me that "Well u shouldn't be depressed because u haven't be raped like some of these other girls have or beaten so stop being depressed!" After that I was confused. My life wasn't as bad as someone else, I know that and never stop thanking god for that, but do I have a right to cry? I ask myself often, How much are my tears worth? I still don't fully have an answer for myself but I do know one thing. My tears may not be worth as much as someone who has been raped or molested. They may not be worth as much as someone who is beaten and abused. Even though my life is much better then someone else but my tears are still worth something because inside I still feel pain. My pain is different than everyone else but it doesn't make my tears worth any less. I just wish others could see that and not look at me as an ungrateful child because I am not. Pain is pain no matter what the cause...
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5 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I know how you feel. I had to go behind my moms back to get a counselor a few years ago and had the school convince her I needed help. She was blind to see I was depressed and not as happy as her. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. I hope everything works out for you. Stay strong.

its sad to think that the person close to you would be the one who wouldn't understand you. i know how you feel im in pain too. im new in this kind of pain cause by depression i hope we can both survive this kind of problem. hang in there kid your not the only one experiencing this kind of things.. just remember there are also people like you. even if this is indirect i hope this will help you feel your not alone.

Take it from one who has suffered abuse, you don't even want to think about. Every tear of you, matches on of mine. In worth, in meaning, and in the pain and hurt they hope to relief. It matches, tear for tear. I feel for you, and. I hope you will feel better.

I really liked you said "Pain is pain no matter what the cause..." Poetic in its sad truth. Parents don't always react the way we want. My dad, when he saw me that low, he came and told me, that something could be wrong with my brain and hormones so let's go to the doctor and see if we can fix it. I was wishing he would live me alone. But then, It felt good that he cared, and maybe he didn't say the right things but I still don't know what the right things are. Because you have to know and understand the pain and the tears in order to find the right words. The tears worth, and they worth even more when you manage to stop crying and just look back at them from a distance.
Good luck with your life, I hope you feel better.

Your tears are worth every bit as much as those belonging to anyone else.

As you said pain is pain. It doesn't matter how you got there just that you feel it and no one deserves to be hurt.