Always Alone

Im a 33 year old mother who has never had many friends. Now i have social anxiety and dont go out hardly at all. At this time i have no friends at all just my children and husband, im alone most of the day and my depression just seems to be getting worse. I would just like to maybe find someone who is lkke me and maybe we can talk and become friends.
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i wish for a world where people can be honest with each other and then maybe we can start to deal with our needs in the real world. If i could do anything to take the pain away lady25 i would do it in a heartbeat.

Ty maybe we can talk sometime

I'm in the same situation. I need some friends also. Add me maybe we can talk sometime.

I would like that

you should talk to your husband about your depression it might help lighten the burden inside. its hard when you have a void in you that feeling of being alone is so painful and unbearable. i suggest you go out and reconnect with your old friends or if you want to be friends with people you dont really have a connection with start with your neighbors it might help.

I too have been in that situation and i still battle the anxiety it isnt easy nor is it any fun , Hugs

Ty for replying, i didnt think anyone else on here would have the same issues as me. And i know it isnt easy to battle anxiety atm im on medication that really doesnt seem to help at all. Sad thing is i dont think there is any meds out there that can help. And if u ever want to talk let me know, im kinda new at this site so im not surr how to add ppl or anything like that yet.

Many people are in your situation hunnie you are not alone , this is where society has failed us all and I am so thankful that we have places like EP to share our thoughts hopes sadness disappointments etc I have always felt that writing and venting are so therapeutic and to have a venue in which we can connect w others who are going though similar things be it sad or happy I think is a great resource for everyone I have added you please feel free to message me anytime