For Those That Are Sad Or Have Gone Through And Depression

You have been through pain. It touches your inner soul and it hurts

Your stories and your sharing helps others that may not have your courage.

If you can share you could see what a gift that would be is.

Do not beat yourself up over what others have done to you.

You have gone through so much and have felt deeper than most have. Use that experience. It shows how strong you are and the special part about you is that most will mask the pain and you FEEL IT.

Write, Paint, do something for your soul because your soul has been touched sadly with pain.

You have so much to say because you have felt deep sorrow in your soul. The best musicians and poets are the ones that open themselves up to the pain and write the raw honest truth.

You will make it. I know it. You have tons and tons to give.

Please ask for help when you need it. . Do things that make you feel good. Do something special for yourself... Feel better, feel happy..It's all going to be okay.

There are many great people out there. Guess what? You my friend are one of them and just need to find people that are like you.

So many people never feel the raw soul wrenching feelings that so many have. You have gone deeper to a place that others have not. The most famous artists and musicians get there work from that place inside of themselves that others do not visit. You have been inside your soul and cried your tears. I pray that through art, music or whatever touches your soul begins to heal your wounds and that you will begin to see how unique and special you are.
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51-55, F
Sep 22, 2012