Cant Seem To Shift This Depression.............

I feel frustrated with myself. Over the years I have done everything within my power to battle with this depression, from meds, exercise and theraphy. At present I take my meds daily practice positive thinking and generally try to keep myself busy. Why am I still depressed. It feels inescapable and I wonder.....
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Just so you know depression is not a disease or a condition, it's...a state of the mind which coerces you to believe that you are all alone and helpless to the causes around you that is overwhelming your vision of life ahead, it can be beat if you surround yourself with people who care and accept you and support you while you retrace your steps and figure out a plan of implementations, it may not happen over night but it takes time stick to your ideals, goals, ambitions, dreams and sense of self and you will go far believe me its hell but you can always find your rope to escalate you to a brighter world.

Thanks that really means so much to me...I will try it may take time but I am willing to try...I would really like to talk more so if u could message me it would mean so much..

Sure thing but try to help yourself and love yourself a bit more.

Sometimes it is hard that my own family don't want me around so then what? Yes I am lucky to have people on this site who love to help but sometimes I need my own family and that I donot have................If we are not friends would u like to be my friend?

But....your home life is miserable, your horrible husband is always verbally assaulting amount of exercise, medication etc...will make you feel better in this kind of living situation...I don't say these things to be mean, but because i care...please spend more time looking into alternative living have options my friend (hugs)

I really appreciate all u said I want u to be honest thats what friends are for. This week i spoke to a social worker about this and they are going to see what they can do if anything...I will let u know thanks again..

that's fantastic!!!!! very happy for you

Thanks I am looking forward tol the day when all this is behind me and I have u to thank for it you really are a true friend..

Have you heard from the social worker yet?

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Did you ever take antidepressants.. or ask your doctor about them in general?

yes, I take them and see a therapist regularly but I still struggle

You know I looked up things about these pills.. and they maybe no good, with weight gain,making you actually more depressed. Anything change?

I have taken so many different kinds and still nothing I am so lost I feel like I have no where to turn...I am so confused I wrote this and someone else is answering my post please this is the person who wrote the post. Nothing really has changed but my mood has gotten worse so I stopped taking them Would u message me so we can talk? Thanks..hope to hear from u..

Yes i do take them as we speak...They are not helping me so i am thinking of stop taking them what is the point. I have a doctor's apt next week i will talk to him about it then. Thanks for caring..

What I can do is comment, but for some reason I can't message you. Your moods gotten worse while taking them is understandable.. Ever consider therapy ? Family members support you? Can make a big difference if loved ones pitched in.

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I am so sorry that you feel this way -- sorry because I know how it is, I feel the same. I have had ECT too earlier this year and still struggling. And like you, I wonder too - what do I have to do to get beyond this, will I ever get beyond this? It is a very frustrating and exhausting to feel like this. Email me anytime if you wish to chat.

Thanks I feel so alone it really is so hard to cope day to day please message me so we may chat if u see me on chat please pick me and we will talk.. Hope to hear from u soon..