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So i went to this party the other day and drank alot! The hottest guy in school was hitting on me and said wanna ****. And obviously i agree im ******* drunk. but we **** in my friends bed which i didnt wanna doo. after that a friend walks in on us and tells my friend, she wants to beat me up and i start crying and told a friend at first it felt wrong cuz like im drunk plus its at my friends house. Now everyone is saying that i said i was ******* raped when i never said that! Now everyones calling me a filthy dirty lying slutty ***** and i wanna die.. i alreadyy cut my wrist but i need help
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18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

All you really can do is simply ignor them and their insults. Try not to let it get to you. This will all blow over soon, Teenagers always find something else to talk about, after talking about you gets old. Don't feel bad about what you did, you were drunk, but it's a good reason to know your limit when your drinking, so you don't end up doning stuff that you normally wouldn't do. If your friends turned their back on you, then they weren't real friends to begin with. I'm sure if the guy asked them, and they were drunk they might have done the same thing. But that's another story. I'm going to be truthful, high school sucks, everyone is in your business and it's full of judgements with teens whoes brains aren't even fully developed. College is much better trust me. Just get through these years, next week the gossip will be about someone else, don't get invovled with it. You already know what it's like being targeted, and maybe that is something you needed to go through to have a better understanding of it, but don't let it tare you apart.

Be strong :)

Please dnt cut urself people makes mistakes and we learn from them I pray u find peace within and regain love for urself. God bless!