Hating Myself & My Life!

I've been battling depression for awhile now, Its hard to get through the everyday life, I have a learning disability im afriad of failure so i give up before i even have a chance of passing, I get told im stupid im worthless sometimes it hurts that much i cant cry i get made out to be an idiot,, i have no friends i believe because im not smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, funny enough i get put down alot to the point i think about stuff that i dont want too or thought id never think about.. Ive decided to get help starting from next week, I need to talk to someone that understand me someone thats not going to judge me like everyone else is around me, I just want thing to get easier but there getting harder and harder every minute..
I dont know what to do, anymore!
Naiiii Naiiii
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Just so you know depression is not a disease or a condition, it's...a state of the mind which coerces you to believe that you are all alone and helpless to the causes around you that is overwhelming your vision of life ahead, it can be beat if you surround yourself with people who care and accept you and support you while you retrace your steps and figure out a plan of implementations, it may not happen over night but it takes time stick to your ideals, goals, ambitions, dreams and sense of self and you will go far believe me its hell but you can always find your rope to escalate you to a brighter world.

who tells you that you are not good enough? Is it someone telling you these things, or do you say them to yourself?