Am I Alive?

They say you wear a different mask for a different crowd. At the end of the day I peel all of them off one by one, only to realize the final face, is my own and blank. I wake up only to realize that my body is mobile and my brain is active enough to respond. I feel absent, floating through space wondering if my heart is even beating. Not only have I felt absent, but I feel as if other people do not exist, I don't tell that to alot of people since some have a hard time understanding and I have a hard time explaining it. I can walk through a crowd and still feel alone as ever, once they are no longer in my eyesight do they just cease to exist? Right now, you the reader, I don't know if you're really there, if you are, you are simply words on a webpage as far as i can acknowledge.

Funerals are the only time I remember I'm alive. Outside of that I am floating, being dead inside.
Shokliva Shokliva
22-25, F
Sep 30, 2012