Well, I think I actually give up now. Since I guess my dreams don't mean anything anymore... and no one likes me anymore, so yeah. But, I'm not some crazy loon, don't worry, I won't jump in front of traffic or something.

Here more that I added today, enjoy... or don't, its up to you.

I don't even know why I go online anymore, no one seems to care here or irl. I find games not even fun anymore to play, and my dream logs are getting ignored. It feels like I walked onto Furcadia (its an free online game, for now anyways.) and everyone ignores me. They do on Furcadia already, and now here. I might as well go back to how I used to be and keep my feelings locked away. That way, no one has to put up with me whining all the time. Since I do nothing right anyhow... and I do know I don't deserve anything for my birthday at all. I seem to make many mistakes, or spill things when my body is shakey. But none the less, its all my fault anyhow... in the end, I'm to blame for it all. So... maybe I should just hide away in my room, like how I used to.

Vipy Vipy
26-30, F
May 8, 2007