I Found Her...

Someone on the EP questions had asked "what does your soul look like?", I had never really put much thought towards it until I saw the question....Then i began to think more about it, was my long-driven fantasies derived from what my soul wanted? Was my soul filled with so much pain that it filled my mind with dark thoughts as the days went by?
I found her duing my nap.
...I had seen this version of myself bound and wrapped up in chains sitting on her knees in the floor, beaten until bruised and bleeding. The look of sadness and defeat lingering in her eyes.
But along with this There is a bigger, darker version of myself in the room-My past i cannot let go. She stands over my beaten soul, talking down to her, began to kick her, and laughing in entertainment. I cannot make the words move from my mouth, but just froze in horror watching the dark distorted me slap my "soul" yelling in frustration why she won't give into my past's pain...my soul looks over at me, not in sadness, nor anger, but in turmoil.
I wake up wondering if my soul can hold on longer so i can figure out how to deal with myself..
Shokliva Shokliva
22-25, F
Oct 5, 2012