Depression, Ptsd, With Brief S...

Depression, PTSD, with brief spells of sheer madness!
Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
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5 Responses May 12, 2007

Hey I resemble that remark! BRUHAHAHA! The fun is only beginning darlin'.

"Depression, PTSD, with brief spells of sheer madness!"<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
There is a lot of this going<br />
HERE<br />
HERE<br />

Oh, No possibly before I was just emotionally disturbed.<br />
However someone has made me certifiably "Crazy" Nuttier than a fruit cake, Gonzo, Complete unsettled!!!!<br />
Wanna guess who? ;-)

Finally I have found somewhere, That being crazy is accepted. Lol Thanx for the too kind words ladies.<br />
Wasn't a growl really just clearing my throat.<br />
Raaaaaar Ha! ;-)

I'm so sorry that you go through so much but you do handle it well... okay with an occassional GROWL, but not so bad. MMUUAAHH!! I'm here for you always.