Im Lost Again

Everythings been ok since I got into college. And I thought I totally changed,like reborn. I left all my family and live with my roomates. But I got upset every single day ,which is killing me. I was quite happy with my college life. I could go wherever I want and do whatever I like. But the thing is I just cant fit in. Its not the place that I belong to. I thought I was the same person just like them. I just realized Im not. Maybe what they feel is a new happy world in college but what I see is coldness and loneliness.People r cold. Life is dull. Or do I need a doctor?
You guys have no idea how lonely I am. Where do I belong? maybe hell is my destination. I just dont wanna say a word. watching ppl and hear what they say makes me feel I dont even exist.
Im a clown ,a clown with no home.
pesame pesame
18-21, F
3 Responses Oct 27, 2012

you are just like me. i understand you very well

Hang in there. I have felt the same isolation many times, Please put yourself out there. It pays off in the end. You may feel invisible at times, but so does everyone else. Once you realize that and see it for yourself things do become more bearable. We hear you . I hope that means something to you, you are a worthwhile and valuable person. Hang in there.

You just have to have a little more patience and you will find your groove.
The world moves in baby steps with a curve of hurry-up-and-waits