Depression Is Hell

I have had depression since i was 14 years old. I was raped by my 16 year old friend 3 months before my 15th birthday. His excuse the next day when he sent me a text meeage was "sorry my grandfather died". Excuse me but what kind of excuse is that? I'm sorry that happend but gives you no right to harm someone else.

I've had trouble going to school, trusting myself, sleeping alone, being alone in general. I left school in year 10 worked for two years then couldnt cope anymore and broke down. i got put on meds and started seeing someone. i was having panic attacks thinking that someone was going to break into the house and get me.

I couldn't go to the shops alone. I couldn't leave the house for about 12months. Luckily at the time i had a very supportive boyfriend. I was with him for 5 years and we broke up recently.

I can say with all honesty that my experiance wrecked no destroyed my teenage years. I am back working now and only seeing someone monthly insted of weekly.

This is something that should happen to no woman. It angers me to hear of child molesters and rapists getting bail or being released from prison. Especially the repeat offenders. If they're let out once and re-offened that should be an automatic life sentance.

commodore720 commodore720
18-21, F
May 13, 2007