Halfway Winning/depression

I was going to kill myself oct 20 of this year but waited til monday where I started to again and then I talked with my theripst and the next thing I know she spoiled my plains of suicide as I was sent to the emergency room locked down on suicide watch then later that night the sheriff can in and he cuffed me and put me in the car and took me really far away where I spent seven days in a mental hospital around some of really crazy people I got there and they were being nice the doctors offering me food and drinks,I wasent hungrey,but I took some juice,but what I didnt know is that they put pills in the juice and druged me,I slept in a room next to this crazy guy who belived he was a monkey but he was asleep,I was afarid at first but I fell asleep.I woke up and my eyes were really hazy and I went to breakfast I could not eat thoes people just seem too crazy and I was nervous,so i went back to my room,lots of other people came in and I made friends as I was drawing and coloring I played ping pong,cards,and checkers we did group and it was really cool,I realized other people were out there just like me and at first I thought I made a mistake telling my counsler about my plans of suicide but it turns out it was the best thing I ever did,When I left I missed my friends because I knew I wouldent ever see then again andthis really pretty girl who I started to care about gave me a huge as we parted ways,I told her I'm going to miss her,and she said she is really going to miss me.this experience was great for me except all the dame pills,but one girl was even like my sister.after I got my new depression medication and the sheriff took me home I got made and started throwing and kicking ****.I was so hurt because I lost the greatest people I had ever met in my life.My mind is a bit better but now my heart is broken.I know its only a matter of time before the depression comes back.I felt I won halfway but still lost.There is hope for people out there so dont kill yourself seek help like I did.I cant belive I just said that.There is still hope for me and hope for you. .....THE RAVEN
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You may have helped someone else by sharing your story. Thank you.

Your welcome this was a really crazy time in my life.

Thank you for sharing that. I felt as though I could see the whole event in my head. I have depression too. I have attempted suicide three times in my life. I tend to sway in that direction more recently. But, I know I won't. I am at a really low point in my life right now. I think sharing experiences here has helped a lot. It is somehow comforting to know there are so many of us, and makes me feel less alone.
Best wishes, George.

Thanks George2345,just remember there's always hope for people like us.

I know I spelled alot of words wrong but I was In such a rush to write about my experience in the mental hospital.