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DEPRESSION IS NOT A STATE OF MIND! I am a Psychology major and it completely breaks my heart when I hear someone talking about someone who is depressed or wants to commit suicide. Depression is a mental DISEASE. Just like if you were to have cancer or a physical disease, depression in a mental disease. If you are depressed, know that you are not alone and dont make yourself or let anyone else make you feel like crap because you think it is your fault. It is not your fault. If people think its not a disease then they are ignorant and have no idea what they are talking about. Depression is the worst feeling in the world and please dont judge someone who has it especially if you dont what its like. And you cant say your depressed over a tragedy in your life. That is not depression. It is called sadness. They are NOT the same thing; not even close. Everyone just please think before talk about someone because you have no idea who they are or what they are going through. Show some respect. Everyone deserves respect.
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I've had major depression for almost 5yrs now... Surprised I haven't committed suicide yet. It's gotten a lot worse and I'm more tempted than ever before

I'm so sorry:/ I know you feel and its the worst feeling ever

depression over a recent tragedy is sadness. For over 2 years that sadness stays. Then it could be called depression....logically sound that is...and useless too

I needed this post today.

Thank you for this post.

I have been hampered with depression for over 40 years. I feel like I can control what triggers my depression. I don't know what the fine line is between being positive much of the time and being in a defeatess mood most of the time.
As we grow older we are learning stuff that affects us on a daily bases. Some stuff we keep buried in our mind and the other stuff we take with a grain of salt. It just depends on how much we believe in what we hear.
At the age of seven were we taught about being positive and the affects of being afraid will have on our minds. I wasn't. What ever we choose to believe in is directly affected by our surroundings. My parents were both bothered by depression and I believe that had something to do with my depression. IMHO.

I'm a Psychology Major, too. I agree with you. People should be sensitive to people with Depression because it's a mental illness and it's a very hard thing to get over with.

i do believe it is a disease but it can be fustrating to want to help someone who is depressed. As it is mental only loved ones can watch as one of their own is suffering. I feel helpless that i cant help

Over the years I have tried to maintain an optimistic attitude about life. As "life" happened it got harder. Those of us with empathy for others realize that being asked to get back up just one more time can seem overwhelming. Clinical depression is not an's more than that. I too have MDD (major depression) and some would say that this is part of where my empathy stems. I have experienced the frustration of being asked "so how do you feel about that" and how ineffectual that can be. Sometimes life just happens....I have had 10+ people in my family die in 15 years including my brother and my mother, I have survived cancer and all of the therapies that come with it, I have suffered financial ruin and the loss of my home....I could go on but I find that for me it is best to stay in this moment and not dwell in the past. I am sharing this because I have found that for me the drugs, talk therapy, behavior modification, all of it....just has very little effect on my MDD and am always searching for other alternatives to treat it. Fortunately I have never had suicide ideation, only extreme sadness, crying, felling hopeless etc. I have tried to remember that if I get knocked down AGAIN I need to get back up just one more time.

Wow! That is inspiring! i give you some serious congrats on just making it this far and having that attitude

"just has very little effect on my MDD and am always searching for other alternatives to treat it."
you should search inside of you.. the only effective treatment for depression is from the depressed person him or herself with the help of surrounding people of course . but no other treatments will work if you can not work it by yourself..

That's actually not that true... A depressed person has a different view of the world than other people, and often don't even know what they need from other people, so they tend to push them away. Depression is usually a chemical imbalance inside the affected person's actual brain, and needs to be treated with actual medical attention and prescription. Depression caused by other things can be fixed different ways, such as, commonly, making a healthy lifestyle change (ie. diet/exercise, vitamins, healthy socialization, and something to get into excessively like a sport)

Oh yeah I know. I have made significiant improvement. Have you?

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In my 50s I finally realized that something was very WRONG. I tried some SSRIs and settled with Paroxetine. It's not a magic pill, but it makes things a bit better. I have a tendency to drink, and have fantasies about cheating on my wife, with both men and women. But, I have not fallen off the cliff yet. Now in my early 60s and nobody wants to hire me. Depressing enough. But, I deal with it and make the best of it that I can.

Good for you! dont give up on finding something that works for you. Also, those fantasies might be from the alcohol. Mixing alcohol and SSRIs is very dangerous.

So I hear, yet here I am. Those fantasies are not from booze, they are me.

Mind yourself.

thank you I do have a disease of mind not of character

Thank-you for your post. Its even worse when I become my own critic and beat myself up even more for being depressed or allowing it to take over, its a battle that I'm not done fighting yet.

Its one of the hardest battles life has to offer. You know the good news though? God gives the worst battles to his strongest soldiers. If you can win this battle, I can guarantee you, you can do literally ANYTHING!

That is true. God gives the worst battles to his strongest soldiers... I like that. Makes me feel a tiny bit better.

Im glad:) ive always liked that saying

Then I am sad and crazy !!!

what do you mean? do you think you have depression?

I suffer from Depression the pills dont work! what can do?

It is different for everyone. a lot of times its self discovery

I've been diagnosed with major depression, and it is definitely true that it isn't simply a state of mind. it is more than what other people may think. it is not a typical sadness that we experience in our daily lives. Hopelessness, Helplessness, worthlessness, emptiness, doom, misery; a combination of all these negative thoughts characterized clinical depression and really it needs medical attention and support from love ones to prevent self-inflicted injuries. Anti-depressant really helps me manage my suicidal ideations, terrible anxieties and cycle of negative thoughts.It is really beyond my control then I should say. Before, I was actually afraid to continue my medication thinking of the adverse effects but really it helps me. support system is also as effective as anti-depressant. Family members and friends must understand your condition for them to accept and respect you with your very low spirit; and don't forget to pray for full healing to God. I almost lost my trust to him as a victim of this mental illness because of severe frustrations and hopelessness but I've realize that I can't continue the battle without him. Recently, im still continuing the fight. I want to find the old me who is optimistic, enthusiastic, determined and HAPPY with life.

i feel ya! its the worst feeling the world but once you unlock that old you that the depression has inprisoned it is the best feeling! yeah i lost all my friends which made it hard but im just glad my family was there. thats a big part of why i love to help people!

I think for me it's just a state of mind even though it's a serious disease for other people. I've always been the same way...but I don't know, I feel like I should be able to do more about it when I never can. Even though it does make me pretty angry when people tell me to "try to be happy" as if I'm "trying" to be miserable -_- I've changed my life a lot in the last 6 months and still feel the exact same as I always have.

you need to understand that is not a state of mind. when you feel that bad all the time for no reason its not because you want to. its not something you can just come out of of easily.

My family's gone and I have no one except my kids and they are all older nineteen seventeen & sixteen. I am scared to death for them to leave me. I love my husband of sixteen years. But he is mean. He knows I have no one . I am wasting my time writing this . God help me.

I have been suffering from depressionfor years. The last 3 monthsI have imploded. I have no desire to live anymore. I feel like I am submitting to the apparant fact that I have no desire to exsist anymore. I do nothing, not shower not move... nothing. I literally get off the couch to pee. I find no pleasure in anything. I feel trapped in my mind and body and want out. Wish I was the old me.....

im so sorry sweetie. would you like to talk about it?

Yes please I need someone to talk to. Your name innerbeauty is perfect. You are a very compassionate person.

I am suffering from depression too. I went thru that phase when I don't want to get out of bed. I slept for long period of time. I cant pray. My soul went through a very dark period. But one day I decided I'll take a shower. The next day I did the same & changed into street clothes but didnt go out. I did it very slowly. Just took things one day at a time. Dont force yourself when you are not ready to face the world yet.

this is very. dont force yourself. but tell yourself you are strong and you can do it because you can.

I do this all the time. I lost 20 pounds not eating food laying in bed

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Exactly, thank you. I can't stand when people talk about emotions like they are a choice, an "attitude" towards life.

i know it makes my blood boil :(

And the labels of 'emo'.

Right, it's like they don't have emotions - so they don't know what they're talking about... makes you wonder, doesn't it?

my sister's family doesn't believe in it or think its a lack motivation. they were never supportive not until lately. iknow my grandma dismissed it. i she it was an excuse. it really hurts when you are not supported by your family. when i had an apartment because was poor. i am poor, because it affect my ability to learn. i have retired now, but because of stigma and/or disbelief you have to hide your depression. sometime affects how look. when people say what wrong, i tell them i'm tired. i

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So how do you know who has what? (Depression/Sadness/etc)

i dont. im talking about the people who has major depressive disorder in this stroy

Yeah, I was just wondering, when I thought about people who confuse depression for a state of mind, if other people confuse state of mind for a depression...

they might but im talking about the people who blame people who have major depressive disorder for being deepressed when they have no control over it

You've spoken for a lot of people who are battling depression here. Thank you very much. I wish more 'normal' people were like you.

Thank:) I appreciate that:)

hmm, with myself I would say I been depressed all my life, well not all of it I guess. I think it kinda naturally kicked in when I was about 10-12yrs old. I dont think my mind was evolved enough before that to really understand or to be able to suffer in that sence. Before that tho I would say I was sad, pretty much everyday tho since I was 6yrs old. But again, dont think the mind was evolved enough for a "depression". But now tho, its just a part of me anyway. I have no idea how to live or exsist without this state of mind now and then, lol. While I would prefer nothing els to just be happy and live in peace tho. I know I have become somewhat twisted or messed up over the years. Since I like being sad. Weird addiction maybe, lol. Regardless, I think everything needs to be re-written when it comes to psycology and the state of mind. In real life, often the people who knows least about the human mind have all been psyciatrist that I have met, lol. Kinda funny really.

i used to feel like that

depression is inseparable part of my soul, life, everything.

I feel hopeless, alone and tired. I am tired of being the one who is wrong and the one they gang up on. all I want to do is work and feel happy. How do I let them know this?

Hun, I hate to say it but there really isnt a way. All you can do is try your best and hope one day they get it :/

The owner of my compnay thanked me today for looking out for his place, so that's a positive. My boss has now started nit picking me every which way and claims he's just trying to get to the root of the problem.

thats good:)

Speak up & tell them how you feel !!! Just say it. You will feel so much better.

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I think a lot of the problem with "depression" is it has become a buzz word and a label that is being slapped on people for easy fixes. It ticks me off because I know that there is a difference between reactive depression and clinical depression (or unipolar disorder). These are people who are lacking neurotransmitters that help regulate mood. The ones who lack the ability to produce enough seretonin/norepenephrine/dopamine (depending on the person) on their own, hence anti-depressants.

People who experience reactive depression can also benefit from meds, at least to help bring them back up to baseline, but they certainly don't need them for the rest of their lives.

There is the school of thought that feels there is a hereditary component. I don't necessarily agree or disagree but here's my experience. My mom is bipolar. She has to be medicated for the rest of her life. Her brother is also bipolar with psychotic tendencies. I personally have dealt with depression most of my life (though I have found cognitive therapy combined with meds to be the ONLY way to go). My depression had very little to do with "feeling sad". Don't get me wrong, I was frickin sad. It was the flat affect, lack of interest in anything, the lack of energy, the swirling anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed at every turn.

I have been working on my depression hardcore the last 2 years and I have learned a LOT of healthy coping mechanisms in that time period. I still have a tough time through the winter cuz of the decrease of sun (thus decreased seretonin production) and I have the odd 2 to 3 week episode. The difference between then and now is that I have used the strength of cognition to recognize when I am going downhill and it's simply a matter of pounding myself with self-care over that period of time. It's still hard to get through, but not like before.

The use of the word depression has been overused and bastardized into a label for anyone who gets the "blues". Not unlike the ADHD boom and perscribing Ritalin like candy.

Having a unipolar or bipolar disorder is an illness. Being depressed is a state of mind. People have taken the word depression and run with it.

Obviously there are varying opinions based on the responses to this thread. My own opinion: there is such thing as chemical imbalances in the brain that affect many people pathalogically with relation to mood. However, I would say that there are WAY more people out there who simply use the term as an excuse for pity, money or simply lack of knowledge.

exactly! when people hear the word depression they automatically think of someone who is sad. its so much more that. i have depression too hence why i choose psychology to go into. i hate hearing people suffer like i did. i want to helo. depression is a much issue than people realize. and instead of trying to argue maybe you should try listening to this person and me and whoever knows and has experience with it

Some of the commenters seem to still not really grasp what you are saying. They reflect societies ignorance as a whole, in their inability to differentiate between being depressed and having depression. We all get depressed and some times for substantial periods, but having depression is a very different beast entirely. The brain is the most complex organ in the body and we barely understand it, is there then any wonder we don't understand mental illness. Just think of all the things that can go wrong with a kidney, or the liver, now x that by a hundred times in complexity and we start to understand why the spectrum of mental diseases is so varied and nuanced.

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD someone FINALLY understands what i am talking about!

CC I completely get what she's trying to say. I've been struggling, or I may say depressed since I was 7 but never associated myself to bipolar, unipolar or whatever. Her field of studies oriented her to perceive human behavior as such classification. But even with my educational background, I have come to believe that voices I hear, prolonged depression, and tendency for disconnection are natural responses to series of experiences. She might be right. But never an absolute right. Like I always said, the world might be old, but our minds are still young. What we know now is not the absolute knowledge. So, I got my own truth and will not approve of anyone saying one or the rest who do not approve are ignorant.

When you take away the environmental circumstances that cause one to be in an a depressive state and yet the depressive state persists regardless of any detrimental environment influences, you get depression. I merely speak from personal experience, and I only claim to know the inside of my own mind, however I do not hesitate to align those personal truths with those expressed by others that appear to mirror my own accurately.

This was encouraging. It's so true. Depression IS a medical illness. I've suffered from it for a very long time, and when I'm suffering most, it's hard to even talk to or write to people - let alone have anyone understand or "get" the depths I'm in. It's an agonizingly lonely and painful experience. What you wrote is right on. God bless you.

Thank you:)

depression is letting your blow up doll down

so what is depression? what makes it a mental disease and who doesn't have it?

its a mental disease because your brains chemicals is off balance and the chemical that causes depression is 100% toxic

it is an illness. not everyone has it, and there are multiple kinds caused be different things for different people it depends on the type and the person

the consequence is eating overcooked meat producing radicals..but merely eating is not an illness..if the cause of depression are natural triggers..manifesting natural human response, then it is not an illness..just a perspective..but I respect your assumptions

its not natural

so triggers such as human tragedy is not natural? and holding on to specific emotion is not human tendency? sorry but I disagree. Calm and happy state are not the only normal human responses. I think, by associating negative emotions or state of being as an illness is an easier route to determining stimulus, way far from more accurate scientific implementation. Experiences and its impact to human emotions are all natural. Behavioral Psychology must know that. But instead, society including pharmaceutical industry capitalized on it.

you can be born with depression. and since you didnt even know what depression was i highly suggest you dont continue this

Depression is not Genetics. It's an impact of experience. That's based on my major, which is Biochemistry. So I completely know what I'm talking about. Since you assume that I don't know what depression is, can you define it exactly in medical term..not as descriptive specifics..

you have the habit by the way of telling people they know nothing..that's the biggest mistake most people do..

you are also accusing me of not knowing. genetics is a big part of depression

which among my statements imply accusing? Depression is not genetically inherited. It is an impact of experience from the time the baby's physiological senses become conscious of mom's emotions.

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YES. I wish so much that I had people in my life who understood.
Depression is a medical illness. It's real.

yes it is:) i wish more people understood too thats why i posted this story

my son is going through a major depression and i have in the is terrible...thank you for posting this.

my pleasurea:) im glad there are some people who are not so ingnorant:)

Please. Depression is not a disease, it is a perspective. I've been through it more than once. Learn the history of psychology and, with an open mind, you will see how bull crap it all really is. Also, it is not the worst feeling, the state of emotionless is far worse.

like i said just because there is depression that is not a disease doesnt mean there isnt one that is

Again, depression is not a disease. Ever. It's nothing more than a claim so they can sell their insufficient drugs. It's all bull.

Depression is a disease.

You wouldn't believe that if you knew anything about the history of so-called psychiatry or their business. Learn something on your own for a change, these schools aren't exactly the best sources of information. Only the ignorant believe otherwise.

all the research i do is on my own

Obviously you have never experienced real depression. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I hope you never experience the true effects of what it can do.

i have experienced it

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i have been dpressed so long i dont know what it would be like not to be depressed. since childhood,48 yrs, last 5 years everyday, and i dont like taking meds so i dont.

This story is so true. its very sad how people treat others

thank you :)

unfortunately pshycological studies says that depression is very common illness. moreover its borderline personality disorder

thank you!

Depression is something terrible. It puts something like a strong glass wall between you and the other world, because of all limitations depression puts on you and because people do not understand all the suffering one goes through. I understand, because I have been "there". But one has to fight for one's life, just like in all cases with other diseases. This is one's native right. Sometimes medications help, but sometimes not (In my case they did not). But yoga does...well, at least this is my experience

Depression is a lie sold by big pharma companies and psychologists to justify the sales of drugs that lead to you having other problems such as cancer so people can stay hooked on them and pay the pharmaceutical company as long as possible.

Don't believe their lies. If you were in a state of absolute ignorance, depression would be nonexistent. That makes it a state of mind, not a disease.

You have no idea what you are talking about. That is easy for you to say because you have obviously have never been depressed

I've been told I was depressed often actually. Even twice by a doctor. I just don't go around believing lies because someone earned the title of "Dr." - That would make me gullible, not depressed.

You know a lot of depressed people dont go to doctors because they cant afford it. That doesnt mean their not depressed

You know that's not a problem when society pays your bills. Doctors are free here, I'm not in some poor country where society cant afford to remove a tumor from a 20yo's body.

That doesn't mean big pharma isnt selling here though, with 53% of people being depressed, says the mafia-controlled media.

well here they dont give a **** about a tumor or your depression. all they care about is getting your money. and you have have health insurance to even get a checkup

Exactly, that's why depression exists, so they can get more of your money. Welcome to capitalism. Being sad isn't depression. It happens to everyone. Stop believing all the lies.

hun, this is what i study. and i have a lot of experience in this area. dont try me. and sadness and depression are completely different. yes, it some situations they can be correlated but they 2 different things that happen to different people

You can just do not use drugs. The first step (for me) is to understand that you have depression. Then you can find many ways to fight it. I think that drugs is the last thing you can do. I used to take and stop them. Some times i feel that depression is coming back, but i try to fight it.

fighting is the only thing you can do.

Not using drugs would be a good first step. I guess the second step would be to stop using depression as an excuse for underachieving. The third and final step could be to stop caring, then you can't have enormous variations in your state of mind and become immune to "depression", "schizophrenia", "ADHD", etc. (if schizophrenia was real, everyone that prays to an imaginary God would be diagnosed with it - further proof that adhering to the "disease" is on a voluntary basis). The fact is many marketed drugs only serve to induce psychosis to enforce a doctor's or psychologist's diagnosis so the patient buys more and keeps returning to purchase more and more. That keeps the owner's wallet happy.

would you please stop talking about stuff that in which you know nothing about?

You're the one that knows nothing about it, hence why you study it, to learn.

You're still my age...

thank you darlin! :D and no shes not smart one i guess you dont know how to do math either. shocking

oh and FYI schizophrenia is VERY real you need to do somethin about your lack of education

i think our conviction lies from what we grasp around us. I don't think he's uneducated.he's just coming from a different orientation and educational background. From a Biochemistry perspective, it is never an alteration of DNA, mostly associated to an illness. It is disorientation of state of mind.

They just suffer from allism (medical sheet: )

And from an oversized ego: They want everything they are told to be real because they believed it at first but never researched the subject and they dont want to look stupid (which is paradoxal because the more they insist, the dumber they look) when the truth is told to them. In politics this is definitely useful when trying to make people believe a lie. Start from a small group of people sticking together repeating it non-stop and then, people like them, are bound to start repeating it and defending their point of view simply because they are told that they know, when in fact, they never knew. That's why 20% of Americans still believe Iraq had WMDs. Pathetic right? Only proof that the technique works.

Its always funny to see people judge the age written in a profile. Keep taking that as the truth, it only proves my point.

pursuitoftheblackwidow: I agree with your comment about "disorientation of state of mind" but that can be due to diminished neurochemicals in the pleasure center of the brain. My husbands pancreas is lacking the ability to produce insulin, hence he takes it manually. My moms brain is lacking seretonin in the systems of her brain that regulate mood, hence she takes the seretonin manually.

Not sure how one differs from the other....

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Thank you! I wish the people in my life were not so ignorant as to ridicule me for it! It's hard enough hating your own mind, but to have people who should be supportive and caring just make fun of you for it is devastating!

you can read my mind! yeah i lost all friends cause of it

I felt embarrassed this last spring to admit I was put on antidepressants by my doctor to control the crying jags which were coming every day and interfering with all aspects of my life. Then I read an analogy which helped a lot. Disease, condition, it doesn't matter to me what it's called, but if you think about people who need regulatory medication, like insulin, do you mock them because their body can't create or process it correctly? Or someone who needs corrective lenses to see? Usually not. So I don't make or process enough serotonin, and so I take an anti-D to supplement it. Stress and bad life experiences can burn out your brain's ability to make and intake serotonin... so just like I take vitamins to help with things I'm missing in my diet, I take my anti-Ds to help even out my moods because my body burned out its ability to do it unaided.

I agree with your sentiment but i wish people would not call it a disease. after many post traumatic experiences in my life, i am now almost always depressed. i was not born this way and even my parents (who think that one is born with their entire personality) used to throw that in my face. it couldn't have possibly been the constant abuse that i suffered at their hands and what they inspired others to do to me. No...i was just born this way...yeah, right.
There are a multitude of depressions. mine was caused and now i am stuck in this limbo and nothing helps. when i have gone to the doctors, they are ignorant and i don't understand why they bothered to get their degree if they are not trying to help people. they make the most ludicrous suggestions...if you hurt your finger they want you on all kinds of meds. and now i have just given up.

You have conditional depression. yes there are multiple kinds of depression but the most common is a disease. and ive been to a few ignorant doctors as well but you gotta keep trying. it will be worth it in the end.

Sadness passes. Sadness is caused for a reason. Depression isnt.

Tragedy= sadness and depression is constant. I get it. I have both and they fuel each other for me. I do see the distinction.