When I first went to a therapist and got diagnosed, the doctor told me that depression can be genetic...and I believe mine is. My mother is a manic depressive and is bipolar. I was, once again, very young when I was diagnosed; maybe junior high. This really sucks. Why wasn't I born normal? Well, I guess these days being depressed IS normal.
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Sometimes I question the same... why me?

Acceptance is hard but it does help. Accept that we are different. Accept that there are things in this life we cannot change and acknowledge our emotions... I am not sure how you cope. I hope you have found some good, solid ways to manage it. For me it is to adopt depression as an identity and it is a part of me. Dangerous, yes. But better than denying and questioning why all the time.

Mine too. I have depression since childhood, it's been 16 years of struggle...