There Is No Cure For Depression

Psychotherapy doesn't work for me.  I hate prozac.  Xanax doesn't do much for me.  I don't think fish oil help me much either.
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2 Responses May 15, 2007

It's frustrating, I know. I have never been a person who liked to take pills. So I have never thought a pill would cure my depression. It has become clear to me that "I am no doctor". So for me to try and tell you what will work "Just will not work" I feel for you though I have felt that feeling too of pure helplessness. What i did to kind of circumvent this feeling is develope a hobby that I could do during the times I felt alone or when my mind started to wander. It's tough to concentrate af fist because your body is programmed to react a certain way when this feeling over comes you. Like everything it takes time. <br />
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Good luck

There is a cure sweetheart!! Don't worry, maybe you are not connecting with your pschotherapist and need a different one, maybe a diff. medication, or maybe you are not ready to let go of the feelings. They are all you have ever known and it is soooo scary to try and change. I am trying to change right now and it is not easy. and FISH OIL?!? LOL never heard of that one! Hey take it one day at a time. when you are ready you will shed that cocoon you have wrapped around yourself to protect yourself and emerge a beautiful butterfly. Then you can fly over the heads of all those ******** that did that awful **** to you and poop on their heads