I Was Molested When I Was a Kid

Three people molested me when I was a kid.  Two ganged up on me when I went to visit some relatives with my mother.  The other was my neighbor.  There must have been something about me that made me an easy target.
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2 Responses May 15, 2007

Yea, I was sexually abused by three different ppl too. My brother, a cousin and two male babysitters. I used to think there must have been a sign on my forehead when i was a kid that said "easy to molest" but i have STOPPED doing that. It was NOT my fault. It was THEIRS!!!!!!!!! I refuse to blame myself for what happened to me anymore. they are the sick ******* pigs, there is nothing wrong with you.

EVEN if you are an *EASY* target, and I uuse those words only because you used them, NO one has the right to ever touch YOU!! Please do NOT bkame yourself.