I'm Absolutely Sick Of My Cousin!!!

He gets pissed when I don't come over to his house. And guess what? I go every other day! It's not enough for him. His wife left him because he's an *******. Just so you get an idea of my cousin's character, let it be known that he once held his wife by the neck with one arm while firing a shotgun off in the air with the other arm! And, he used to try and drown me when I was a kid because he thought it was funny even though I was screaming and flailing trying to get away. I hate being poor. If I had enough money to live on my own, I would. But I don't. I live with my parents at my uncle's house. My cousin lives a quarter mile away, and the ***** comes over every damn day which wouldn't be a problem if he was a nice person. When he comes over, he goes straight to the kitchen, and starts eating ice cream and whatever else suits him. He uses my uncle's car every day to every other day even though he has a truck. Yeah it may be a gas hog, but it's not our fault he sold his other vehicles. He's got thousands of dollars! Buy a new car and stop taking other peoples' food! He's done a lot of ****** up **** to me, and after his wife left him, I was there for him. I'd wake up when he needed someone to talk to, I'd force myself to stay awake while he was falling asleep because he wanted background noise. I'm ******* sick of people, and I want to move away.
LawlessTranquility LawlessTranquility
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012