She Was The Only One..

(This is going to be hard to confess) Have you ever had that moment where you see someone and are immediately head over heels for them? Well I did my sophomore year of high school, she was perfect. The cutest smile that could light up a room, the brightest personality, and the prettiest face I have ever seen. She was a freshman, and we used to pass by each other all the time in the hall she would always lock eyes with me.. I wasn't popular enough for her, I knew for a fact I didn't have the right group of friends to ever date her. Then something amazing happened, one day as we are changing classes i hear 2 girls calling out my name somewhere behind me, she talked to me first, I was so awkward and shy. The only time I ever had butterflies was around her. But it turns out she was just being friendly I think, even if there was something there I knew I would have to be a new person. So I changed my whole life. 2 years later I am successfully where I want to be, I have plenty of friends, a car, and a job.
I party on the weekends with her crowd and still see her around sometimes. We rarely talk, things are awkward now. And since I have become close with her friends I know she likes shy and quiet guys which I am not. She doesn't like
Heavy drinkers and smokers which I am. It was just a total loss... And I can't get over her no matter what. I want her to know at least what she did for me and I wish we could be friends, but when I see her the butterflies jump in my stomach so hard And my heart aches. I want to be over her. I cannot find anyone that even compares..
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Make her want it punta. Stop hangin around her friends and being so creepy and available. She knows you want it, and is going to keep dem legs closed till you can grab your balls and own your heavy-drinking, smoking self! **** ******* GET MONEY. Seriously though, I just felt bad for you reading this, which in turn makes me feel bad...don't do me like that. Go forth and prosper young Casanova.

this has reminded me of my youthful years. Ah those years when life was full of love and aspirations,when we would devote our heart to partners we admire and care.. but gone was the past and those feelings