How I Really Feel

I feel alone. My reality is it's just me and my son. I've only loved once and the way things have gone I will never put myself in a situation that could end up with me being hurt again. People say in time I will heal yet everyday my love continues to grow meaning I just get hurt even more. I cry so much it's ridiculous. My son keeps me alive because I don't want to hurt him more than this situation already has. I feel so lost in life. My heart feels like its missing the piece to keep it beating - without that piece my heart hurts everytime it beats. If you love somebody unconditionally and truly how can that love die? Time cannot heal a heart broken from losing your true love. I feel like another day here is another day too much.
AloneInThisLife AloneInThisLife
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

my wife passed away in march of his year,,and loved her alot,,,so I know about the way you feel,,,,with help , time can really heal your heart,,