My Depression.

it seems like i have had depression all of my life but i was just recently diagnosed with it. i have not had the easiest life for someone my age in fact i have been through much more then most people i know i have had a lot of traumatic experiences in my life and i have tried therapy a few different times through out the years and it never really seems to the world i am a very happy person that always has a smile on my face and always the loudest and friendliest but when i am by myself it seems like all i can do is try to hold back my tears all the time.i was hospitalized for my depression a few months back and i was prescribed prozac i took it for a little while but i just really was not in to taking it so i stopped. to me it just seems like i will never be able to be happy because i have not been happy in so long i can not even remember what it feels like a lot of times i do not feel like doing anything at all but then sometimes i can not calm myself down, basically my whole family suffers from depression but it seems like they really do not try to do anything to help me out with mine, i dont know...
kaykay721 kaykay721
Nov 27, 2012