I am 14 and i can't cope with all this pressure anymore. I feel alone, helpless,useless like no one cares. I feel like i am trapped and i cant be positive no matter how hard i try. It feels like no one cares about how I'm feeling. Recently I've started cutting myself. I feel like a coward if a day goes by that i don't cut, like i am pathetic for not having the guts to cut myself even deeper. I want to be dead and i don't deserve to live and I've tried to kill myself before but no ones noticed. I am a failure to myself fat, ugly, stupid, useless. I wish people cared or took me seriously. Today i tried to tell my mum how i felt and she acted like she belonged in a mental asylum by kicking and saying that its not serious and that she has it worse than me. That made me feel worse. I feel like I'm never going to be successful and I'm a waste of time money and space. At school some people bully me and last year i had no friends. I don't know what to do, my school counseller dosn't help one bit.
hello246810 hello246810
Nov 27, 2012