I Recovered From Depression - At The Time I Didnt Think I Would ....but I Did!!!

I am 38 yo and struggled with depression for the best part of 12 years. At its worst I truly believed that my life was hopeless and I contemplated suicide almost daily. Whilst I appreciate that different things may work for different people I wanted to share what I learned from my experience with this illness ....in the hope that someone reading this will maybe try something a little different .....and go on to completely recover in the same way that I have. The solution I found 2 years ago that has worked for me is something called the Lefkoe Method (You can Google it to find the details) Its an online course of therapy that may help you to understand the meaning of life from a completely new perspective..... and to say the results have had a remarkable effect on me would be something of an understatement. Please Please Please hang on in there and at least check the course out and see what you think for yourself. I think there are different courses available but the one I did was called "Getting Natural Self Confidence" .....I think it was initially developed to help people overcome a fear of public speaking but it was subsequently discovered that it helped people who suffered with depression too ..... All I can tell you is that the course has been nothing other than a complete success with me ..... and I haven't been able to contain my excitement or stop telling people about it ever since I came across it. Like I said above, I appreciate that different things work for different people but my advice in the strongest possible terms would be to check out this course of therapy and give it a go.....Good Luck!!!!!!
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I wanted to ask you how are you doing with this overtime. Has the depression comeback or is it completely gone? I have been using the lefkoe method for some years, but unfortunately I've had trouble eliminating beliefs and I suffer from episodes of depression. I just wanted to know your experience overtime. Thanks!