Up And Down... And Down Again.

Last week was vampire week. Meaning that I slept all through the day and was awake at night. Somedays I would sleep day and night. This week is sleep-every-other-day-week. If I didn't have a mandatory class in university ... I don't think I would ever leave the house. Last week I spent four days inside. Mainly sleeping, the rest of the time on my computer. Truth is it's not that bad. When I do go outside, I'm pretty good. But I find difficult to keep up with my schedule, keep my house clean or even myself. I used to wake up early every morning to shower before I went to school... Now, my hair must become greasy to convince myself to get in the shower. I feel disgusted even saying it. The worst part is that all this time I'm pretending to be well to my sister, I'm lying to her. She calls me and I'm sleeping. So when I finally wake up and call her back I'm like "Yeah, I was at the library, sorry..."

And another thing that worries me is that the pharmacy can't find my medication, so I went online to search what other medicines have the same substance ( if I needed to tell my doctor in order to change it) and I found that my anti-depressant could "induce a mixed state, especially in those with undiagnosed bipolar disorder". And that's bad because I had a manic episode once and I am on mood stabilizer medication aw well. I don't want to doubt my doctor, he's good... but still. And I dont' want to reach conclusions or try to diagnose myself from stuff I read on the net.....Anyway. The End.
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I so understand. Even tho i love life, day sleeping seems so more easey to sleep.

you should still try and talk to your doctor. you are putting your life in their hands when it comes to meds. they should be patient with you about researching it.