These Words Probably Mean Nothing To You.

I've been battling depression for five years, when i'm low things can become dangerous though it's not very often i become that low, thankfully. Sometimes i wish i could be someone else but then when i'm up things are amazing, i get lost in the moment though so i guess things can be equally dangerous.

With time and support things actually do get better, i know we're all sick of hearing that line "things will be ok, they actually do get better."
They actually can though and it's amazing when they do, though i'm still battling and still fighting to even want to exist, on those days i wake up wishing i never existed at all i remember what i want to achieve, what i have around to focus on, the reasons i have to wake up in the morning and why i shouldn't just throw it all away.

Of course there are days i couldn't care less and wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole, but then it's the little things in life that snap me out of that frame of mind. I'm struggling and it hurts both inside and out. Expressing my emotions is something i find difficult to do, but for now i'd rather not use my body as a canvas for others to acknowledge my inner pain.
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stay strong <3