I Don't Know What To Do...pleass Help Me!!

I don't have any advice know since I'm a hard place, my dad is abusive, he used to beat, and hit me for no reason, he had done that since we got into, I told him to stop, I'm all for respecting ur parents, but when ur dad hits u, tells u everyday ur failure and try's to control u, sometimes I'm scared to go home, my brothers emotional abuse me to, when they r about to get yelled at, they throw under the bus, so I get yelled, everyday it's ur lazy, u have no future, ur failure as bro & son. This family is better without you and it would be a lot better if u were never apart of this family, I tried telling my friends about this, when they found out they laughed at me and turned their back on me & started judging me. I tried to love out with friends, where I would help then with school and whatever so I can move in with them, but all they do is just use me and than ignore me and act like I'm something they can use, but didn't want to help me, I came to commuting succied so many times. I have no freedom. I can't talk on the phone or text at the house, I can't talk to my friends on public my dad says its wrong, i always have to be home at 5pm, I'm 20 yrs old, I have basically the same respect and rights as 5 year old! I always believed that everything will get better, I'll escape this, but I'm strating to think god forget about me, I'm gonna be miserable for life, what kept me alive, gets me going is nowadays is gone... I need advice, if ur getting emotional abused by ur family and u have no one to talk what do you do??
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i know your pain, well i don't have it as sever as you but it still hurts. For example my brother said at a family gathering that he doesn't have to act like i'm a human being because i don't deserve it. My father made my mother choose between me and my father. I was left on my own since i was 6 years old. The only thing they did for me was to provide materialistically. It's though to know that you are unwanted and you are not alone there are many like you and me around the world sadly. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of a better future, because someday I am going to be a mother, a wife, someone who will love and be loved. I suggest that you look at what you can do to help your self for example if you are good at tutoring maybe you can do it online? or If it would be possible for you to get a job in anyway, hide the money if you do get one and when the time comes, get an apartment pack your stuff and leave and never look back. That is what I'm am planing to do. People are monstrosities today, so I have to ask you this why do you let people use you? I've been in the same predicament people used me for their own good and were never there when i needed them. My advice to you is don't let them use you, if you know how they are don't help them, you know the saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.I'm not saying that some people are not worth the effort just that you have to be very picky. Some adults don't want to help and it's easier to turn around and ignore someone who is in pain, that was my experience at least not saying that yours could be different. I'm sorry to say that you have to become your own person and take of your self because no one else will. Good luck to you

You've got to find a way to get out of the situation. Even if it means being completely on your own for a while. Find a way to get a job and become independent.

Stay strong <3