My Story

I remember sitting in the doctor's waiting room sick with nerves. I had always hated hospitals. The smell alone was enough to terrify me. Part of me knew exactly what he would say, but I had to hear it. I had to face it head on. Mental health will always be a hard topic for well meaning people who just don't get it. For example, say you break your leg. People understand that. They get why you're in pain. They say "how on earth did you manage that?", they send you cards and chocolates, they queue to sign your cast. They even ask for a shot of your crutches! With depression, its a whole other ball game. People don't understand the pain. They don't know how the girl thats always happy and laughing could be depressed. They don't understand the agony you feel in your heart, or the hours of endless tears when it all gets to much. They don't understand the everyday struggle, even just to get out of bed. Depression is overwhelming. It eats away at you. Its the hardest thing I've ever had to cope with. But keep strong in the knowledge that you're dealing with much more than other people could imagine. Realise that while not everyone is going to understand you, you are most definitely not alone in your battle with depression.
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18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012