Even when people can’t physically see me crying I always am. Being call everything from emo to b***. They don’t know what I am going through or have been though; I often think if people did they would hit my heart harder. Yes I get why people call me emo, so I cut myself and bruise my back and higher thighs but still THANKS FOR MAKING IT WORSE. I constantly have people yelling at me to stop but the thing is that doesn’t help either it is just more stress and stress helps depression and anxiety and so many things to become worse.
I am crying more in class each day; I nearly killed my self twice in the last two weeks. I am losing friends and in the time I need them most, I know they giving me space and sometimes I need that but the thing is that I need support too.
I don’t sleep at nights just crying and if I happen to sleep I wake up and my pillows all wet. My eyes are always feeling like sandpaper and my mouth is dry as when I wake up. My flashes backs are taking over my life and so is anorexia I think, I losing weight and I trying so hard to eat.
I am always crying even if you can’t see.
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13-15, F
Nov 30, 2012