I Can't Take It Anymore

i can't take this hell anymore I'm not meant to live this kind of life I'm not fit for society I'm not meant to live side by side with other people I'm a fighter willing todo anything to protect myself i can fight anything i can see but i can't fight what i feel i don't want to be here anymore i don't want to deal with it anymore I've attempted suicided repeatedly and it never even comes close to ******* working I've put guns up to my head blades to my wrist took more pills than any human should be able to consume why the hell am i not dead yet am i really hated that much where even my now life turns on me and forces me to suffer I've pulled the trigger more than once and every time the damn thing jams whats wrong with me or more less what the **** is wrong with my gun
LostHope74 LostHope74
18-21, M
Nov 30, 2012