Time To Leave

Iv'e been dealing with depression since i was about 7. Im 15 and I'm just ready to give up. I'm never happy. People see me and they think i'm fine. But i'm not. Iv'e always felt like i'm alone. I know no one really cares about me. I think of dying every day. I used to be scared of going on rides at six flaggs thinking it would brake and crash or walking down the street and getting hit by a car or anything like that. Now I'm not scared because it would be that i died of an accident and not suicide. i would be gone and people wouldn't think i was stupid by taking my life away. People have told me how could i be so stupid. But I think i would be happier. I always think why i should stay and suffer. But thats my problem. I always think and it leads to me scratching my face,arms,and legs. Or trying to cut myself with scissors. I do want to be that person who doesn't give up know matter how hard. But I don't know how. I'm writing this just to write what i feel. But honestly i don't think anyone on this site would care. I just hope whatever happens, i'll be happy.
Layla822 Layla822
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012