My Strength Now Needs Strength

I am lucky.
I joined this group when I was at my worst and although I do t write much I read everyone's story's. it helps me feel in company. No one can do anything for me but these stories let me remember " it will pass"
I lost all but one friend when I " got sick"
That was 4 years ago. It has taken me 3 years to somehow take a spin on the black dog that I can accept.
But this is not a out me.
This is about my one and only light that stayed shinning though all that darkness. What did he do.
He was just there and that's what I needed. He didn't ask or judge.
He was the only thing that truly saved my life.
Now he is in trouble. His wife has just been hit badly with that fucken cancer.
How can I remotely repay him a tenth of what he has done to me. I am so sad right now and i am aware of my every trigger.
I don't believe in any religion but I hope this story has a happy ending for my friends sanity and sake.
bonnieandclydedog bonnieandclydedog
46-50, M
Dec 2, 2012