My Mental Vacation

Whenever I have reached my limit I treat myself to a break from the world. It is called depression. Why spend the time and money flying to Figi when you can convalesce in the comfort and security of your own residence. It is not five stars but has all of the creature comforts.

I sleep in past the afternoon and into the evening of the next day and this can last for weeks and even months. With the alarm turned off, the phone unplugged and the binds drawn you can create a serine and relaxing spa like atmosphere underneath the covers of your cozy bed.

Showers are optional and delivery affords you some delicious menu choices. After a few months invisible to the world and free from the cares, worries, and anxieties of our modern way of life you are rejuvenated and ready to rejoin the living.

I have been a mental vacationer since the age of thirteen. For more exotic locals consider a hospital or mental institution for fun scheduled activities, individual attention, and pampering only pills can provide.

I am just recovering from a mild boat that lasted three month. I gained weight, cried through my quota for the year and took a break from school. I lost a year but at least I have more to look forward to.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

wow, love it. i feel like you have a really interesting perspective on things.