Just Go Away

i continue to hurt people again and again. im tired of feeling like a disappointment and just some teen in a swarm of other teens. I want to do stuff, go out, meet other people and start becoming who i was. I am too busy to do anything i want to do and feel as though im just jumping hoops for others to laugh at my pain. I sick and tired of those nights where im just lying awake and cant focus on anything but the past which i am trying so hard to escape.
I just want to have the guts to take on what i know i am capable of. i have missed out on so many dreams and discussions because of how afraid i am to talk before a group of people. it annoys me how everyone hates what they fear, that's pretty hard to think about especially when you're an outcast.
dancingonelegged dancingonelegged
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012