My Mind, The Enemy...

Over the years I've been dealing with depression . It's very strange to those who don't experience it themselves. Usually people think you've got to be depressed to have depression. Mine hits me, at any time. Things in my life could be going smoothly & I'll suddenly start seeing flashes of suicidal thoughts. As I've become older, they're getting easier to ignore. I just ride them out like I deal with the mood swings of PMS. I've come to terms with how I can deal with this, I won't take medication, I don't need it. However, it can be annoying to try to explain to others why you're feeling the way you feel, even though everything is going fine, outside of your mind.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I understand how you feel. I too have moments personal self doubt and depression for no reason. Coping with it doesn't take medication, at least in my book. I have taken too many chemical bandages and realize that's not the right way as I have gotten no where fast. What do you do to help ignore your down moods?

You know the fear of the unknown and once you know, the fear is gone? Or if something hurts and you don't know if it's life threatening or just something that'll last a few days. It's the worst thing in the world when you think it may be life threatening, once you discover, it's not going to last, it doesn't feel so bad. That's how I treat my depression. I just keep pushing through, keep going on with life. Sometimes I'll feel a bit numb, a bit on autopilot, but I just keep on pushing through. I don't let my mind take over. There are times I'll slip, let it take over, but it's rare.