Depression Is Normal

Do you ever think that to be what society calls "depressed" is in fact normal and your just not in denial about your emotions?
I see people that will claim they have never been depressed and they are always happy or positive. I also notice these peoplelive in crazy denial and are ignorant to a ton of stuff that's going on in the world because it doeant effect them or they're are top dumb to understand how it actually effects them.
think its healthy to have sad emotions.IIt means your in touch. Face the facts, not everything is rosey and its healthy to let it out. I believe there can be people that may be feeling so low, they may need a lot of lifting. But for the most part if your finding youself sad its probably because you notice things and care about the world.

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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

There is a lot of bad in the world, but there is also a lot of good. Letting the bad always get to you is not healthy and takes away the chance for happiness. Yeah some people gain happiness through ignorance, but there are other ways to be happy - to know the truth about the world and not let it overwhelm you because there are so many wonderful things to appreciate in life as well.

I respect your opinion, but I think the term depression actually means more than sad thoughts. People with sad thoughts are not depressed people. People who are taken over by melancholy, so much that they are not themselves anymore and they can't function in their everyday life, those are depressed people.

Yes, I think it can be a way of thinking for so long and forgetting to see the light, or realizing there is any left. I have been there at times, and pull out....luckily.

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