Tired Of This.

I feel near powerless. Knowing all the right things to do.. eat well, and eat period, a little exercise, get out of the house.. but, I don't. I can't manage to find the strength to do it. I'm not working and have been apathetically looking. I've struggled with getting out of bed my whole life. Will this ever change?
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I, too am jobless. I was net go because I had so much anxiety it was effecting my job. I loved my job and I know they loved me too. I was a really good nurse.
I know it's a struggle to get out of bed. I have been there too. First step to begin life starts with getting out of bed. When I first get out of bed, I pamper myself with a cup of tea or coffee. Perhaps for you it's TV, or book, or maybe it's just spending time online. Rule is don't do in bed.

It's not easy but you have to cling to the important things in your life. Family...a pet...a hobby. whatever it is that keeps you going. I'm jobless right now too. Make lists. Even if it's the only thing you do for the day. Write a lits of your goals or write a checklist of things you want to do for the day. Example: 1.Fill out 3 applications 2. take a shower 3. do the dishes 4. talk to someone you love. I hope this helps.

Thank you!

You're welcome :) For me...books and video games are a great escape from reality as well.

I honestly don't know. But I hope so. Some people manage to get out of this hopeless void. Whilst in the midst though, and with no help nor support nor encouragement, it is virtually impossible to do so. Wishing you the strength you need to get through...