Depression Is Worse Than Cancer

If you have cancer you have support of family and friends, they take flowers to the Hospital, the doctor says You'll be cured in 2 weeks. but if you have depression everyone wants to keep distance from you, there's no support, prejudice, and no cure...
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Theres less stigma with say cancer or any other terminal disease, thats why people are so accepting. That and its something people can see, that can be proven. I feel bad for people who say being depressed doesnt exist but let's be real here, cancer is worse. There's no cure for most cancers except early treatment, but at least you can treat depression to a degree.

Depression is an invisible enemy that you have to fight alone, there's no-one by your side, people think is fake because the X-ray can't detect mental illnesses. There's a big prejuduce going around...

I completely agree with this. You tell someone you're sick and you receive get well balloons, candy, and even cards. However, the relationship you have with that person doesn't change. You tell someone you have depression and suddenly it's like you're a different person. They look at you differently, treat you differently, and even talk to you differently. I've been scared to tell some of my very close friends about my struggles and some of my very low points in my life. I'm afraid they will abandon me and judge me. Honestly, some of them have. And yet, there are a few people that have stuck by my side through it all. If you have people in your life like that, those are your real friends. Do everything you can to keep that relationship.

As someone who found out her grandfather has cancer, thats kinda unfair to trivialize some one with that illness. Not saying depression is any better, in fact, its ******* hell to have but knowing you may not have too long to live and is in constant pain compared to depression? Some perspective, please.

my father battles depression and its hard to live with, never knowing how the person is feeling if you are going to be able to talk to them or not.
People that dont have depression find it hard to understand why somebody they love can't be happy and it brings them down.

People consider depressed people as weak people, they think they dont have will power to overcome the illness. It's a bunch of son of a *****...

People with depression lack willpower.
Depressed people’s emotions are out of control.
Depressed people are a danger to others.
People with depression are “defective,” like broken machines.
Depressed people are just whiney and make excuses.
People with depression are antisocial.