The Doctor's

My mom thinks I wanna go to the doctor because I'm sick, but I'm not really sick. I'm pretty sure it's because I had a 'runny rose' and 'red, puffy eyes', truth is, I was just crying in the shower. She's going to schedule an appointment on thursday, probably for my 'cold'. But I'm going to ask her if I can talk to the doctor alone, to see if I have some sort of mental condition. I don't want her to know what I'll say to the doctor.
SoLonely1471 SoLonely1471
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I hope your mom does let you talk to the doctor alone. If your feeling sad a lot a doctor can help. Did you think about coming clean with your mom. Tell her how your feeling and what's going on. If my daughter was feeling sad, I would want to know.