A Certain Amount Of Depression I S Normal

I think everybody probably battles with depression at some time or another. I have a feeling they don't say they do because a lot of people think that if they are dealing with it they are not battling with it but actually I think this is probably the category most people are in. I don't consider myself a "depressed" person and don't really think of myself as constantly battling depression but if the "truth be told" there are a lot of things out there that are depressing and they don't have to be something that is personally happening to you but that doesn't mean that when you read in the paper about something awful happening to someone that it doesn't somehow affect you. My mother used to read the newspaper every day and would get really depressed about it and when I suggested she quit reading it if it was going to make her feel bad she told me she wanted to stay informed. I told her that I tried to keep the newspaper from depressing me by reading the headlines to keep informed but not reading the details of the depressing stories because it wouldn't change the level of my being informed but it would put visions in my mind that would be harder to deal with. She later told me she started doing what I had suggested and it had helped her. Sometimes your brain can handle a little information a lot better than an overload of it so you have to try and protect you sanity by only taking in as much as you feel you can handle. I am not saying it is easy, it is easier said than done but worth a try.
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NO, no amount of depression is normal. Being "depressed" as in a bad mood type of thing, such as yout pet goldfish died, is NOT depression. a mood vs a chemical imbalance are two completely different things. WHen you set your self up to live in a certain state of mind for example "I am always thinking about dying, and how everyone is going to die", CAN cause you to alter your brain chemistry. and the opposit is true, keeping an upbeat cheerful state and environment will help bring it back to normal. This is why some people are constantly upbeat. People have been using Depression as an excuse for too long because they have been told it is a medical condition. But the real problem is it is MOSTLY a psychological condition and can be beat very easily by, quite frankly, stopping being such a whiney bunch of babies and taking control of their lives. Look to the world and to history for proof of this. Look at the 1950's USA. Look at communist opressed USSR. It was the living conditions that were different and look at the people... polar opposites. In the US and most of the world Today, you have the ability to take command of your life IF YOU want to. so DO it! Now there ARE organic and non-psychological causes such as what I had been suffering. In my instance I had Addisons. I went through exactly what I stated above, and my condition got worse, as well as other organic health problems. When I was diagnosed and treatment was put under way for the underlying organic condition the depression abated. In my situation organic disease caused the chemical imbalance in the brain. It is important to understand that the outward manifestation of Depression is just a SYMPTOM. and the Medical community has this horrendious habit of treating symptoms not the the underlying conditions. YOU need to get proactive... the doctors are not the answer, YOU are. I had to orchestrate my own treatment to get it right, to bring my life back to a semblance of normalicy, and you need to do the same. so suck it up flip life the birds (both hand!) and get going! it's the only way to Live!

Maybe it is the definition of depression that we differ on because I don't see how "no amount of depression" can't be normal. This is the definition I found for depressed and I don't see how these are abnormal in life, "sadness; gloom; dejection".

what you are using in the main statement is the clinical definition of depression, where as the definition you have here is the "mood". As I stated these are two entirely different things. the "mood" is not an ongoing issue and is easily shaken offor disrupted. Clinical depression however, is a longlasting state that is the resulf of chemical imbaland in the brain. To understand the difference, people sufferning from clinical depression are at risk of suicide, children get depressed when they cant have an ice cream cone

I have am experiencing both kinds of depression and I do believe both kinds are normal for most of us sometime, what is not normal is to never get any help and never have it get better or go away, but the group name doesn't say "I Battle CLINICAL Depression" is just says "I Battle Depression". I was prescribed "diazepam" by doctors for 20 years for the muscle spasm pain that the hereditary neuropathic disease I have causes me and it quit working and caused a toxicity reaction and I quit taking it in July and have gone through several stages of chemical imbalance in my brain and it is not even close to being "healed" but I am working slowly towards getting healed.

Your right every one feels depressed sometime in their like. When it becomes a daily battle, adaily struggle, it becomes self destructing and it's time to get help. Depression should never be a part of daily life, but it is expected to visit everyone from time to time