Depression :(

I'v been 'sad' for a year now. I never really understood what was wrong until one day things got so bad I nearly cut my wrists. From then on it got worse my mood began to dip. I get angry with people over stupid things, I cry when one bad thing happens and mostly i can barely bring myself to smile. I try to act normal hoping that maybe this will stop me from being depressed but it hurts me more. I can't stand the pain of smiling any more and i cant stand feeling like this, I have cut my self to feel something but that just makes my depression worse. There are other people out there with worse lives then me and I sit in my warm comfy home with my loving parents thinking of suicide. How selfish can i be. I just want to get through this, I want to be able to smile properly. I just want to be normal.
sarah0112 sarah0112
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012