Looking My Way Out

lately, there are so many things happen in my life. I extend my study for another semester because i did not perform well, my other course mate left for intern ship, so i am the only one in the Bach that still study and went to class. i did not make new friends along the semester, in fact i dont have friends at all in here. I just go to class and straight back home. i will be the last person to know if there are test, quiz, cancelled class, assignments and it always will be too late to prepare. all this will demotivated me to go to class. i skipped so much classes

last 3 weeks i was tested HIV +. i did not go to class at all for the whole month. i want to get myself straight. now i am ok but i still dont know what to do with my study. i missed so many test and assignments, my lecturer starts questioning me for my absence. there is no way i can tell them that i have HIV. i feel like i want to extend my study to another semester so i can start over. is it the way out?

i dont know if i can afford another semester because the fee is so expansive.
omaradli omaradli
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

you should tell your lecturer your problem in private if he/she is trust-able. maybe you should find the counsellor of your college to tell them your problem. i assure you that they will be trust-able. don't be ashamed of your problem, it happen and it's really normal. but of course don't tell anyone that you can't trust.

stop skipping classes and try to follow up the syllabus, it will never be too late to prepare if you determined. try to ask course mate for information you've missed and maybe it's a way to make friends as well, i'm sure there will be someone who are willing to help you. it can't be everyone who doesn't want to help, of course in the first few attempts it might fail but don't lose hope. keep trying.. if there is really no one, go and ask from lecturer or visit them at consultation hours. if they know your problem, they will sure help you.

if you need anyone to talk to, email me, friendsweloveyou@gmail.com, let me know if there is any update! stay strong and stay tough man! :)