What Advice I Would Give To Another Depressed Person.

I would tell them to read up on the illness, and other psychological illnesses, as much as they possibly can. Find out about every possible therapy, medication, and possibly about alternative therapies. Read other people's stories, read medical articles, get as clear of a picture of your illness as you possibly can. Most people have co-illnesses, like bipolar, borderline, ADHD, anorexia, ocd etc etc. Very few people live years with a depression and don't develop other issues.

The next step is to inform as many people as you can; your family, friends, doctor - to reach out for real help, but also for understanding and support. With your doctor - bring up every question and concern you have, ask about different treatments, different doctors. In most cases you will go through a couple of different therapists and try a couple of different meds before you find one that works for you.

Recovery time is unfortunately long, life long for many, and never achieved for some. It takes at least 5 or 6 sessions before a therapist even understands what he/she is dealing with. It takes lots of work on your own part to get better. Some doctors feel confident diagnosing you after spending 20 minutes with you. Your diagnosis is not an absolute truth - only a way for everyone involved to get a picture and send you off in the right direction. Get second opinions, give yourself your own second opinion.

Never lie to the people trying to help you, it will only prolong and damage your own recovery. Don't feel ashamed, as many as 30 percent of the population struggle with illnesses and disorders. Try to do more of what makes you happy, don't listen to family members who try to guilt trip you or invalidate your pain. Take care of your self as much as you can. Try to identify and stay away from people, relationships, substances and situations that are bad for you. Write, sleep, sing, scream, run, paint, sew, hit things, bake, have movie marathons - anything you need to do to escape when things are really bad.
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My depression is endogenous, which means I was born with. I never felt joy, happiness, I dont smile, I dont laugh, I dont feel anything funny. I am like a depressed robot...

I'm very sorry to hear that. Sometimes I wonder if I have changed my brain patterns and chemistry enough by now to never be able to feel good again.

Sometimes I think there are as many reasons for depression as there are depressed people. It brings me down too - when I read about people identifying a certain issue in their life, changing it, and then: Presto! No more depression!
For me there is no such one thing, and I will probably never feel "good". But I do believe it's possible to feel "better". I have to believe that or tomorrow is impossible.

What advice I'd give to someone with depression, I dunno, there are many kind of depression and many people mistake depression for a simple sadness. If there's a reason for the depression there's hope, just solve the problem, if there's no reason, I am sorry, You are doomed, like me...

Are you asking me personally, or how to try to identify whether a person you know is depressed? I'll answer both.

If the former: I understand a certain degree of paranoia over trolling at websites, but I can assure you I have MDD since +20 years, and also mild Borderline disorder.

If the latter: Never try to diagnose someone else, unless you are a doctor and have all the facts. Never try to tell someone else (especially someone in pain) what to do, what they are feeling, to get help etc. But if you know someone who seems to be doing poorly you can offer them your support and understanding. And if they mean a lot to you, read up on dealing with depression.

How would i know u have the illness?