Is Anyone There?

If...anyone is out there.....please....message.....I have shredded my body....if noone messages....I will make sure I die....but nobody will message....they never forget it.......bye....
AlyShine AlyShine
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I'm messaging you. I'll listen to anything you're willing to tell me :) could you add me so we could talk?

Hold on AlyShine, you are loved...

Hey I am messaging you just like I do with your friend battlewounds. Friend me so we can talk a lil and see what happens. I wouldn't want you to self harm or die, just wanna be a friendlier that's ok. Let me know huh ?

I am just saying this so you know you don't have the worst type of problems, I read a few of your posts and I really felt for you Alyshine. I mean i understand how you must feel because i have felt this way my entire life but at least you got friends who understand you and want to help you, I have no one. So if you ever feel down again know that somewhere in the world there is someone who feels just as much pain as you do maybe even more. :-}

Uhhh okay?

ok for every per s on who just put hate one he're... **** . off . this girl is someone . you wish you could be she is so sstrong and brave

Oh, sweetie:,) thank you:)

No problem.. just getting my point across.. I'll **** ssomeone up


aly.. I'm relapsing I need you to message me and I want to talk again

I'm going to be blunt but please do not take it the wrong way. Leaving messages like that is not going to get people to write to you. Do not look for sympathy or ask for it because most often than not your not going to get it. Like you I have depression, I have had to go for therapy and have to take Prozac just to function normally. If your this bad you need to ask for professional help. Talking to the community helps but its not going to solve everything. Believe me I tried fighting and denying my depression by myself for the longest time and failed, it wasn't until i was at my lowest that i sought out help from my doctor and psychologists. Now i am able to function and enjoy life. I still have bouts where I'm depressed really bad some days but i don't let it get the best of me and i will talk it out with my friends or whom ever will listen. Don't go the way of guilting people into being sympathetic towards you. It might work for a little while but people will get sick of hearing about woes me, my life sucks and this and that. every ones life sucks in some form or another, those with depression it sucks just that much more. Don't let your depression get the best of you and rule your life. Look beyond the depression to the person you want to be and what you have to do to get there and if admitting to yourself you have a problem and getting help is the way to do it then get to it. Your still young and can beat this, rule your own life don't let your life rule you.

screw the **** off.. I know this girl she saved me and your the last ******* thing she needs and don't make me get really mad now either you leave her alone or you will see my badbside

I'm sorry if what i said offended you, and I fail to see what is wrong with what I wrote. If it was the bluntness of the message I did specifically say that I was going to be blunt and to the point and to not take it the wrong way. I was merely trying to say that she is stronger than her depression and with proper methods of treatment either through medication, therapy or what ever means she sees necessary she can beat this. I was not trying to make her feel bad or make anyone mad, far from it. I have depression and live with a wife that has sever bipolar, anxiety and some phobias so I'm not oblivious to what she is going through or how she feels. I was trying to offer up some advice. I apologize if this advice was ill fit for Alyshine, not all advice is good advice and maybe I should have kept my comments to myself. If you so like I will remove the comment from here to avoid any further aggravation.

No brothers, just two sisters, not to close to my cousins so i can't say whether or not any are free. However if your interested in talking feel free to add me as a friend.

Wtf? Dont

I am sorry to hear how bad you are feeling, and I understand you felt the need to reach out for help. I see that you got through the night, and I hope you feel a little better soon.

That said, I really don't think it is ok to write "If no-one messages me I will make sure I die... Bye" on a public forum. Because it looks like you are assigning responsibility (for your own life!) onto complete strangers, and it is sure to make someone else feel like **** for not messaging you.

Wow, thanks.... I needed a heartless someone to come along and remind me of how much of a **** up I am.... I think I know what im doing, thank you very much... come back again when you have some heart

Not heartless, and I know all about depression and desperation - or I wouldn't be here. But one needs to take responsibility for what one writes (both in IRL and on public forums), especially to other people with emotional disorders. I also understand the need to reach out for help, I only reacted to the way, the wording you chose.

Imagine if you had taken your life like you threatened to do, and someone who knows you, either in real life or on this forum, saw your last message too late! How do you think that would make them feel, knowing you gave them one obscure last chance to help you through an anonymous forum - but they weren't on-line at that moment to talk to you?

They wouldn't know.... I would be gone, nobody would sign into my account and say 'hahaha she's dead!'
I understand where you're coming from, just please...I need support, not hate....

alyyy message me please!!!!!!!

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I think you should call a friend or a member of your family.


aly I'm here

I made it through the night everyone...

I'm here. I'll listen no matter what...

I can't message you unless you message me first...privacy restrictions....

I have been there and been in the same chaotic state of mind. It doesnt feel like it, but you wont feel like this forever. I know its so hard, but try to keep your mind distracted. All this is is a state of mind and your own mind will always be there to save you. Think positive! Message me if youd like :)

Darl, I am so sorry to hear. I'm will always be here if you wish to chat.

Privacy restrictions....I can't message you:(.... Unless you message me first

I'm having a hard time right now too I'm back to the demons that grasp my happiness.I will continue to fight yet I don't know y and u should to


I can't bcuz of your privacy restrictions:(