Im Done With This 2

****I Wrote this to encourage anyone out there who was scared to get help or take meds like I was not too long ago. Its worth a try honestly...****

This is an update from my other story titled "Im done with this..."

Tomorrow will be exactly 1 week since I started taking meds for my depression.I was scared out of my mind at 1st and I did suffer from some side effects. The stuff was not suppose to start kicking in for another 2-4 weeks but I guess because im underweight they kicked in alot sooner or something.

I dont really feel much of the side effects tho at times I get headachs. I am sure once my body is use to this stuff those will go away. I actually feel... pretty good. I mean yeah I can still feel the depression and those thoughts but they are so much easier to manage and as the stuff gets into my system more I am sure it will become easier but I already can tell a big difference. Nobody in real life knows im on this stuff except for my mother who has been very supportive and promised to keep this secret from everyone else. My dad has always told me to just "Deal with it" and "Get over it" so he was not any help...

My few friends irl do not know about this and I wont let them find out. My online friends who I game with know and trust me I have burdened them to hell and back. They were supportive and helped push me into doing this.

This is a little embarrassing to say but im in kind of a long distance relationship with someone and I would dissapear from time to time or not show up at all some times and I after being on these meds for about 2 or 3 days I decided that he should know sooo I told him about my depression that night. He didnt reply and just logged out but when he came back he kind of scolded me for worrying him but he was supportive as well.

But anyways... This hasnt cured anything, but it sure has made all this soooo much easier to deal with! Usually when I have days like today at work I come home depressed, angry and tired. But when it was all said and done today, I was just tired. I came home from a HARD day of work and dealing with these customers with a smile on my face... now THAT is new.

Here is what I have to say after being on this stuff for a week.... if you have not tried giving meds a chance.... I didn't think they would work honestly but so far so good. If they dont kick in then be pacient and stick with it. Its Worth it.

This battle against depression isint over for me, but atleast now I am on the winning side now that I have finally sat my pride on the back burner and called in for reinforcements!
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My friend, give me the name of the meds cause I am gonna buy them, antidepressants never worked for me, it's like taking placebo...

Well im not sure if I told you in my other story or if it was someone else but my Doc perscribed me 20mg of Citalopram and I can tell a difference. Today my dads fiance let her dog out of the kitchen without watching him and he pooped upstairs where my room is. I almost stepped in it. something like that would send me in a rage and ruin my day but... it dosnt bother me. Then she keeps moving the iron and im in a hurry. Barly enough time to type this out but im a pretty fast typer and ill be leaving the house with wrinkled cloths and that dosnt really bother me all that much when before it would send me into a depressed and angry state. They seem to be working for me and I use to consider myself hopeless...

Hopefully you find what works for you, nobody deserves to have to deal with depression... :(

I take Citalopram =(

Really? Well im no expert, I just recently started taking these stuff and im no doctor. Have you tried talking to him/her about it?

There are several different kinds of anti depressants nowadays, the most well known "modern" sort is the one known under the brand name Wellbutrin. It is an NDRI. It doesn't have as many side effects (like the horrible sexual side effects) as the "old school" SSRI ones (Citalopram for example). There are also anti depressants that effect your adrenaline, SNRI. I know for a fact that trying one sort is not enough to discard all meds. I have tried my way through all of them, and a combo of two of them is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I am off meds now though.

Thank you for the insight. And yeah those sexual side effects are pretty bad... I had one of those side effects the 1st 24 hours of taking them. xD

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