Psychiatrist Hospitals

I am from Brazil, I dunno what's like Psychiatrist Hospitals in other countries, but in my country is a hell, you leave worse than when you came in. They mix people with depression with people with dementia, schizophrenic, other kind of mental illnesses where the people lose their minds. I live through hell afraid of one of them to beat me or try to kill, I heard many stories. Psychiatrist Hospitals in my country are at an end cause we have now Psychiatry GP's where the people are treated very well, but unfortunately it still exist a few Hospitals where they send us if we try to commit suicide, being mixed with all kind of people, including addicted to crack...
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

It's like in the UK, everyone is mixed in together. I've complained but my guess is it won't be changed because it's just cheaper. I don't feel more threatened than by people outside though, and there is always staff around.

I have been hospitalized twice. 2 different psychiatric hospitals. It is not that way here. We have our problems, but nothing like that in the ones I was at.