What Depression Does

It makes the unrational seem perfectly rational.
It makes the idea of dying seem like deliverance.
It turns moments of joy into wondering what is wrong with me?
It warps the thoughts.
It corrodes the soul.
It makes insanity seem sane.
It makes the noose look inviting.
It justifies the overdose.
It makes you stare at a gun and seriously think of pulling the trigger.
It makes hope seem as far away as the edge of the universe.
It makes the edge a cliff that you don't know if you can pull yourself back from.
It makes you stare at the edge of the cliff and seriously think of going over it.
It makes God seem silent.
It makes the devil all too real.
It makes getting through a day a war without victory.
It makes you isolated, and misunderstood.
It makes you a stranger to your friends and loved ones.
It makes you friends with the darkness.
It robs you of years, and poisons your time on earth.
It's a thousand cuts, at the oddest moments.
The scrape of a memory, trying to recall what happiness felt like.
It's wondering when the heck this misery became normal.
It's feeling like concrete, sinking further as you try to rise.
It's the monumental effort to shake it off, go to therapy,
adjust the attitude, try the medication, the treatment, the prayer.
It's walking the same hallway for the thousandth time, and circling back
to the same place again.
Sorayeth Sorayeth
3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Well said, I wish I good express what I feel just like the way you do it :(

It makes the journey not worth the effort. Thank you for writing this. You have just said everything I've been trying to explain to the people who don't understand.

i would never own a gun. too tempting.