Bi Polar

So while I don't know if one would call it depression perse, I do have a strong Bi Polar disorder. I was diagnosed when I was 15, and it completely changed my life. Now I knew why I was having really intense and sometimes borederline violent moodswings. I always felt alone and scared, because I was convinced that all my friends and family were going to leave me. So I'd try and push them away, which is just no the way to go.
Then, I'd go through a really happy period; almost painfully happy and bubbly, to the point where a lot of my friends suspected I was on crack or ecstasy.

But then, when I was diagnosed by my therapist, I almost felt relived. Finally, someone knew what I had known for over a year; there was something wrong with me. Though the large part of my family still don't know, and only a select few of my closest friends, I still feel so much better knowing that I'm not just weird, and incapable of normal feelings.

I chose a different route than most people do, I think. I chose, instead of going on Bi Polar medication, to go through more intensive therapy. I know that Bi Polar Disorder is a chemical imbalance, but I know that I can still be me, without needing the meds to do the talking.
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18-21, F
May 19, 2007