Today In Connecticut

I will never understand the motivation for someone to pick up a weapon of any kind and kill innocent people.

This day a man walked into a school in Connecticut and killed 18 young children and a few adults as well, what makes someone do such a thing?

Some would say he was depressed as evidenced by the fact that he also killed himself, i to am battling depression, i have wanted to die, i even tried suicide but i never once contemplated walking into a school and randomly killing people before i killed myself.

Some say anger, rejection, resentment, bullying and fear are the root causes of these things. Well as someone who was a strapping 100 pounds all through high school i can tell you all about those things, i grew up as a target for bullies, my father deserted my mother, sister and i when i was 13, i never had a girlfriend all through highschool and the few times i tried talking to a girl i was laughed at (and beaten up once because i didn't know she had a boyfriend) and these things caused a ton of anger, resentment and fear in my life the thought of picking up a weapon and killing people never even occured to me.

Of course there are some who would simply blame this all on the availability of guns and while that may limit the number of people killed in these tragic events it likely wouldn't stop them completely as there are many other types of weapons that could be used.

I know someone who had a baby just the other day and i questioned why anyone would want to bring a child into this world today (i didn't say this to the parents obviously that would just be rude) but its true a child brought into this world today has absolutely no chance of ever having a truly happy life.

My thoughts are with the people in Newtown, CT i actually know a woman who is a school teacher there (thankfully she works in a different school) i wish them the best as they try to put the pieces of their lives back together after such a tragic event.
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i totally agree with you. in the past i too faced bullying, rejection, depression, etc and not once was i inspired to commit mass murder and certainly not against innocent children.

My prayers are with the people inconniticut and their families who are in the midst of this horrific, tragic and unconcievable nightmare. I also pray for the family, friends and relatives who are related to the young person who was responsible for so much loss. This is a nightmare that will live on for years to come. It won't be forgotten.
I am glad we do not understand what this young man felt, his anguish that he could do what he did. If I could understand why someone could do this, it would be scary. I can't emphasize enough I'm glad I don't understand. I too face depression and anxiety everyday in my life. I too have been bullied, but never in my life have I ever even thought of taking another persons life. Especially Kindergardners. I can't even imagine and glad I don't have it in me to understand

there are no morals in this world today

well if everyday of ur life people are annoying you and making you feel like **** and you have your chance to take your ultimate revenge on all of them and maybe prevent other people from doing so by fear ... i think that what those guy think the best way to bring order in a world of chaos is fear..

People annoying you is a reason to kill someone???? What did a bunch of 5 year old kids do to annoy this guy??? There is no reason except self defense or the defense of others who cannot defend themselves to ever take a life!

i never said its was a good reason


amen, rick!

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