My Feeling Of My Self

for as long as i can remember there has been this other side of me every thing negative hate, anger ,aggression. and it make me wish i never had wish i was never been born because of the all the pain and suffering I have caused I know i have hurt every one close to me is my because my mother got hurt i was weak too weak to stand up to my dad it shudder been me she took the pain because i was to much of a cowed to take the pain I am evil and no good shod come my way I don't deserve the kindness of others i must bear this burden alone for no one else but me deserve this if i work to rid the blood from my hands for the rest of my days i will still no right the wrongs i have done to other people in my time and sorry is not good enough for what i done to so many i will never come close to repairing the damage i have done may be i brout the bully's on my self if Dannel was here not me he wold not have do so much damage to this fragile world
kingzerone kingzerone
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Why are you taking responsibility for something that wasn't your fault or doing. Everyone is responsible for their actions. You as a chid was not responsible, and acted the way every child does. You need to forgive yourself and let go of any guilt, it is not yours to carry. If you ever want to talk , just send me an email, I would be happy to listen.